New Year’s Resolutions: Turn Failures into Success

Have you ditched your New Year’s resolution yet?! Many people make that January 1 commitment to change – weight loss, more exercise, better money saving habits, quitting smoking. Unfortunately, many give up long before the month is even over.

“When a resolution is made, many people already question their commitment,” said Nicole Florence, MD, a pediatrician and internal medicine physician at Memorial Physician Services. “Doubting your chance for success at the start of a resolution can actually inhibit your ability to achieve your resolution. I like to encourage goal-making rather than resolutions, and staying positive with your goals.”

Here are some tips to help you reach your goals in 2019:

  • Stay positive.

    Staying positive about your resolution is important. Say something like, “I am making a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle,” as opposed to, “I can’t eat fast food anymore.” Focus on staying upbeat this year.

  • Set goals, not resolutions.

    When making a goal, it should be S.M.A.R.T.—specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and based on time. Instead of, “I will lose weight this year,” a smart goal is something like, “I will lose 20 pounds by December 2019.”

  • Set small achievable goals.

    You want to establish healthy routines like: “This week I will take my lunch to work” or “I will increase my daily step goal by this much.”

  • Avoid distractions.

    If you find yourself focusing on an activity or behavior that will not help you to achieve your goals, stop doing it.

  • Be accountable.

    Whether it’s a group of friends, family members or other goal-makers, share your goals and milestones throughout the year. Encouragement from others is inspiring and motivating.

  • If you fall, stand back up.

    Mistakes are not the end of your journey. If you falter on the way to reaching your goals, keep going.

  • Celebrate your successes.

    No matter how small, each step towards reaching your goals is a step worth celebrating. Share your achievements with the people in your life.

Ready to Set Goals?

If you’re setting goals to live a healthier lifestyle in the year ahead, Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center can help. Learn how you can get started today.

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