Five Healthy Habits for Remote Work

Remote workers spend the majority of their time seated at a desk behind a computer screen. Although working from home does have some benefits, it also has some challenges.

“Remote work requires creating a work-life balance just as office-based work does,” said Wendi Schutte of the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. “You have to be intentional about healthy habits.”

Schutte offers these five tips for healthy habits when doing remote work:

  1. Make a routine. A set schedule for work can promote a healthy work-life balance and help you to avoid burnout.
  2. Take breaks. As a part of your routine, ensure that you are taking time for breaks and exercise in your day. Your eyes need to rest from the screen and your body needs to change positions. Stand up, stretch or go for a short walk as you need to.
  3. Create a safe work environment. An ergonomic workspace helps to reduce injury. It’s important to maintain good posture and also make sure that your chair, monitor and desktop are positioned to avoid pain and strain. Try the CDC’s computer workstation checklist.
  4. Avoid snacking too often. Having the pantry nearby all day can be tempting. Plan your meals and healthy snacks in advance to avoid grazing throughout the day.
  5. Clock out and check out. When sharing personal space and workspace, maintaining boundaries can be a challenge. If you do not have a home office, consider making a separate space that you use only for work. At the end of the day, sign off and focus on personal priorities.

“If you have recently transitioned to remote work, adopting healthy habits can improve your overall health and wellness,” Schutte said.

Ready to make a change?

Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center offers telehealth options and can help you to get started on a journey to better health.

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