Bariatric Surgery Testimonial: Ken


Ken and his sons before surgery

Ken and family after surgery

Ken and family after surgery

For many people who struggle with obesity, dieting and exercise alone are not enough to lose and maintain substantial weight loss to improve their health.

For some, bariatric surgery, in addition to lifestyle changes, may be the holistic approach to achieving and maintaining great health.

Over 1,200 central Illinoisans have undergone bariatric surgery through Memorial Medical Center’s Bariatric Services program, all with the intended goal of living a more fulfilling, active life after shedding weight.

One such story is Ken, who has lost 180 pounds since his surgery in 2010.

Suffering from multiple weight-related health issues such as high blood pressure, back and foot pain, difficulty sleeping and acid reflux, Ken was faced with making a life-changing decision.

“I wanted more time with my son,” he said. “I knew if I didn’t do something I wouldn’t live to see 50.”

Read his story in his own words below.

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