Botox Delivers Migraine Relief

Botox is commonly thought of as a beauty enhancer to ease wrinkles or plump lips. Kristy Icenogle sings its praises for a whole different reason – migraine relief.

The 55-year-old Virginia native receives Botox treatments for her chronic migraines, and it has been the one strategy that has successfully alleviated her pain.

“I was missing two to three days a week because of the headaches,” Kristy said. “I felt constantly nauseated and couldn’t function. I would lie down in the dark just miserable. Couldn’t eat or drink anything.”

Nothing helped until one day she went into the Passavant Pain Management Clinic with another bad migraine. Matt Bednarchik, APN,CRNA told Kristy they were going to start giving Botox for migraines.

“I was willing to try anything to get rid of the pain,” Kristy said. “Each treatment is 36 shots, and it’s not painful. Five minutes is all it takes. Matt knows what he is doing. It takes him longer to get the medicine ready than it takes to actually do it.”

The initial treatment worked right away, and Kristy didn’t experience another migraine for several months. Now she comes in every 12 weeks for a Botox treatment.

“I can have a normal everyday life,” Kristy said. “The Pain Clinic people are absolutely wonderful. From the receptionist to the nurses to Matt – they always provide excellent care.”

For more information about the PAH Pain Management Clinic, call 217-245-9541 or ask your provider to provide a referral.