Bringing Home Baby: Make Time for Exercise

Crunches or Pilates may be the last thing you want to think about while you care for your new baby. Clearly, basic needs like sleep, nutrition and caring for your newborn take priority. But once your doctor indicates it is safe to exercise – you can return activity to your routine, even with a new baby.

“Any amount of physical activity is good for your health,” said Chinelo Echeazu, MD, with Memorial Physician Services, Women’s Healthcare. “Even 15 minutes per day can help.”

Here are some quick ways to exercise with a baby at home:

  1. Talk a walk. Whether you take a stroll or carry your little one in a sling, walking post-partum is a great way to ease back into an exercise routine.
  2. Lunch hour fitness. Bring your gym shoes to work and walk over lunch.
  3. Swim with baby. Swimming is an activity you can enjoy with your baby and partner.
  4. Hit the gym. Let your partner, a friend or family member watch your little one while you take a 30-minute break at the gym.
  5. Work out at home. Find a fitness routine you can do at home or invest in equipment you will actually use. From aerobics to yoga to spinning, there are options for any budget from free videos online to exercise apps.
  6. Parent-child fitness classes. Find and join a local fitness class for moms, dads and babies. The social interaction with people going through a similar phase of life will be just as important as the exercise.
  7. Step away from the To-Do list. When baby is napping, don’t be tempted to tackle all the chores. Instead take a few minutes to stretch, do chair or step aerobics or try deep breathing and meditation. You will feel refreshed and energized if you take a few minutes for yourself.

“It’s important to keep moving,” added Linda Crews, senior physical therapist with Memorial’s Weight Loss and Wellness Center. “Make time for exercise and that will help you to have more energy and enjoy better mental and physical health.”

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