Create Your “New Normal”

No other way to say it – life is different right now. And it has never been more important for you and your family’s physical and emotional well-being to establish and maintain a routine.

“Many people can feel stressed or overwhelmed during times of change,” said Cheri Harrison, MS, LCPC, licensed clinical professional counselor with Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center: “While it can be challenging to deal with uncertain times, taking steps to establish effective routines for you and your family can be one way to remain resilient.”

Harrison recommends the following tips:

  • Create your own schedule, and be intentional and consistent about meal time, snack time, exercise time.
  • Drink up! Water is best, but try to focus on low calorie, non-caffeinated drinks without sugar.
  • Eat at regular times throughout the day, and plan your snacks to avoid grazing.
  • Grocery store food options might look different now. Try to plan your grocery shopping and meals with a balanced plan in mind. Meal plates should include ½ plate of non-starchy vegetables, ¼ plate of grains/beans/starchy vegetables, and ¼ plate of meat or meat substitutes.
  • Manage your stress. Try coloring or work on crafts – something that involves your hands and your mind. Consider calming and relaxation apps or try that home meditation video you’ve been meaning to try.
  • Use your phone and virtual spaces to connect with others. Actually talk on the phone or FaceTime with loved ones.
  • Set media boundaries. Allow yourself to remain informed, but be intentional about what and when you watch. Don’t use screens for background noise.
  • Focus on what you are able to control even if it is just a few things.
  • Maintain regular sleep habits. Be sure to wake up and go to bed at predictable times.

For more resources, visit the Facebook page for Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center or visit their website.