Creating a Positive Atmosphere for Patients: One Employee’s Mission

You cannot miss Trishon Anderson’s enthusiasm for her work at Memorial Health. The 27-year-old recently celebrated her two-year work anniversary, and she is just as excited now about interacting with patients as she was when she started.

The go-getter works six days a week: full-time with Memorial Specialty Care Nephrology as a registration specialist during the week and part-time at the desk of Kirkland Lobby at Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) on Saturdays.

“What I love the most is the patients,” Trishon said about both jobs. “I love being that first face patients see and interact with. We take patient care very seriously and seeing me first sets the tone for the rest of their experience. Having a positive attitude and a warm smile, being able to communicate and interact with them – that is what I love.”

Growing up, Trishon always dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. When she graduated high school, she attended school to become a medical assistant and started working for Vision Source, which was located right across the street from DMH. She had always wanted to work for DMH and was able to start part-time in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as a patient safety monitor in the intensive care unit.

“I lived that experience on the front line,” Trishon said of COVID-19. “I saw firsthand how that affected our nation, our healthcare workers, our patients and their families and loved ones.”

When the patient safety monitors were no longer needed, Trishon asked if there was anything else she could do. Her supervisor, Cassie Hawk, helped her pivot to the Emergency Department, where she worked part-time for a year. Her supervisor in the ED, Mark Davis, then helped her secure full-time employment as a registration specialist with Memorial Specialty Care Nephrology.

“I’m so grateful for Cassie and Mark and the role they each played to help me move on and up,” she said of her journey. “Now my supervisor Gail Burkett is helping me grow further. Their professionalism and positive attitude has helped me grow as an employee. I have met a lot of great people and created a lot of wonderful relationships.”

Trishon is always advocating to friends and family to come work at Memorial Health. She loves what she does in the field of healthcare, and it shows.

“I have experienced nothing but good things here at Memorial,” she said.

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