Do You Need Immunizations?

You may only be aware of immunizations, or vaccinations, in children, but on-time vaccination is important in children and adults. You can protect yourself and your family against vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, cancers caused by HPV and influenza. Speak with your doctor to ensure every member of your family is up-to-date on recommended vaccines, and visit the CDC’s Interactive Vaccine Guide to know when your children need vaccines or when you need vaccines as an adult.

COVID-19 vaccination is available now for everyone 12 and older. Schedule your drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination on line at or visit State of Illinois Coronavirus Response Vaccination Locations to find a vaccine in your area.

Child and Adolescent Schedule (birth through 18 years)

Adult Immunization Schedule (19 years and older)

Need to schedule an appointment for vaccines?

Contact your doctor to schedule your next appointment.

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