Down 60 Pounds and Medication Free after Three-Year Battle with Diabetes

A healthier Greg Mayes

A healthier Greg Mayes

The week leading up to Father’s Day—this year, June 15-21—is known as National Men’s Health Week. It’s a chance to encourage guys to seek regular medical advice and raise awareness for prevention and early detection of preventable health problems. Greg Mayes, a former patient at Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, experienced firsthand how much life can change by simply asking for help.

At 31, Greg was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Three years later, he was still having trouble regulating his blood sugar, and he was beginning to notice increasing health complications due to his diabetes.  Both of his parents are diabetic, and at 5 feet 10 inches and 275 pounds, the 34-year-old knew something had to give.

“My body was handing me a pink slip,” Greg said.

On the recommendation of a friend, Greg decided to check out the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. While his face was puffy and swollen and he was visibly overweight, his main concern was his failing health at such a young age. Greg said, “I got myself into this mess. I had to get myself out.”

Since his diagnosis three years ago, Greg never received formal training about how to manage his diabetes. The staff at the Weight Loss & Wellness Center jumped right in to equip him with the tools necessary to create change in his life, beginning with:

  • Monitoring his heart rate
  • Walking in his neighborhood—starting with just one mile a night
  • Gradually increasing his distance as his fitness level improved
  • Eating a more balanced diet, with a focus on portion control
Greg before making the decision to seek help for his health issues

Greg before making the decision to seek help for his health issues

His progress was slow at first—he only lost four pounds the first month. However, once he was ready, staff helped him ramp up his workouts to better maximize his results. At the end of two months, Greg had shed 30 pounds, and after a full six months of support from the Weight Loss & Wellness Center, he had lost an amazing 60 pounds.

He felt so connected to the program and the people who helped him along his journey that he joined the Memorial team for the American Diabetes Association Walk to Stop Diabetes.

And the best news? Greg has been medication free since December.

“I just needed that extra oomph to kick diabetes in the butt.”