Five Practical Tips to Help Maintain Sanity When Working Remotely

While healthcare frontline workers don’t have the luxury of working remotely, many employers have directed their workers home to work online during this COVID-19 pandemic.

With schools and universities also empty, there is a lot of togetherness to navigate right now. Here are some sanity-saving tips to remember:

Maintain social distance:

You’ve heard this phrase repeatedly in recent days, but it holds at home especially when you are meeting deadlines, on conference calls and answering online inquiries. Find separate work spaces if possible.

Use those ear buds and the mute button:

Excessive background noise can add to anxiety and stress and also makes it difficult to focus. Just remember to unmute yourself when speaking.

Schedule breaks and take them:

Coordinate breaks that you and your spouse and/or children can take together to connect over a cup of coffee, a snack or lunch. That time is important to maintain relationships and a positive home atmosphere.

Designate non-work spaces at home if possible:

Maybe it is a bedroom or kitchen. Identify and protect those places you can retreat to when you are offline from work responsibilities.

Stay active:

When weather permits, move outside and walk during conference calls. If inside, stand up, walk in place, hit the stairs. Avoid sitting all day long glued to your work screens and cellphone.