“He Has Changed My Life” – Grateful Patient Finds Relief with Memorial Specialty Care Surgeon

Mohammad Torabi, MD

Robin Lane felt poorly throughout most of 2023. Severe abdominal pain coupled with diverticulitis kept the 57-year-old Petersburg resident at home, and eventually she became unable to eat solid food.

After difficulty finding a provider who could help, her primary care physician referred her to Mohammad Torabi, MD, a general surgeon with Memorial Specialty Care who performs surgeries at both Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) and Lincoln Memorial Hospital (LMH). After a colonoscopy at LMH in January, she underwent a colectomy (colon resection) in mid-March at DMH.

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Torabi to others,” Robin said. “He has outstanding expertise and is extremely patient and calm. He listens to his patients. He gave me so much confidence in having my first major surgery, and his nurse, Tammy, was amazing and accessible as well. He has changed my life, and I will be forever grateful for his dedication and care.”

Five weeks after the surgery, Robin was able to travel to Florida for a work trip, and she has not experienced any additional abdominal issues. She is back to walking her German Shepherd, spending time with family and making plans with friends.

She appreciates the life-changing care she received from Dr. Torabi and his team before, during and after surgery.

“I feel fantastic, and I’m so grateful to have had Dr. Torabi and his team,” she said. “His dedication to ensuring the best possible outcome meant that I received exceptional care.”