How a Patient Feels in the Hospital

GPE-VideoHow a patient feels is more than just a physical question. It’s very common for patients – and their family members – to feel anxiety, confusion and fear while in a hospital or a physician’s office.

Therefore, it is critical that caregivers provide excellent medical/physical care while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety by making patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

“We know meeting a patient’s emotional and psychological needs helps us deliver better overall care,” said Marsha Prater, RN, PhD, chief nursing officer at Memorial Health System. “By looking at the experience through patients’ eyes, we are better able to connect with patients as individuals and enable them to feel safe and confident in the care we provide. Research also suggests when healthcare providers meet patients’ emotional and psychological needs, we also enhance the healing process and help patients feel more empowered with managing their own health and recovery.”

We created this “through the patient’s eyes” video to thank all Memorial employees for the care and compassion they provide to our patients and families every day.