How the Buddy System Can Help Decrease Work Stress

Times are stressful all over, but when anxiety brings you down at the workplace, consider using the buddy system.

“The buddy system is a great technique to help one another cope and manage emotions during stressful times,” said Tisha Bayless, with Memorial Behavioral Health (MBH). “With a buddy system, employees partner up to support each other and monitor each other’s stress, workload and safety.”

Here are ideas for what a buddy system can look like:

  • Get to know each other. Talk about interests, hobbies and family. Share strengths and weaknesses as they relate to work.
  • Set up times to do a check-in. Listen carefully and share experiences and feelings. Acknowledge tough situations and recognize accomplishments, even small ones.
  • Offer to help with basic needs such as sharing supplies or transportation.
  • Pay attention to each other’s workloads. Encourage breaks when needed – maybe a short walk around the block or to the vending machine.

“We spend so much time taking care of everyone else—our families, our patients and our community that we too often forget to take care of ourselves and each other,” Bayless said. “A buddy system is something we can control. Especially right now, we all need more in life that we feel we have control over.”

Need to Talk?

Memorial Behavioral Health provides telehealth and phone appointments with their patients. In addition, MBH offers an emotional support hotline, available at 217-588-5509, to provide support to individuals who are experiencing anxiety or stress, even if they are not MBH patients.

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