Improve Your ‘Fitness Age’ with Over 40 Fitness

SportsCare-Older-Athlete-TrainingScott Phillips was experiencing the usual aches and pains of growing older. The sixty-plus-year-old knew he was out of shape, but didn’t fully realize the extent of his condition until he attended a Memorial SportsCare “Over 40 Fitness” class.

“The toughest part of the class was seeing the biometric testing results and ‘fitness age’ calculation,” he said. “While I knew I was out of shape, these results provided actual numbers that I could no longer ignore. That information continues to provide me with an ongoing source of motivation to exercise and improve my health.”

Scott especially appreciated the number and variety of health-related topics taught by highly qualified instructors to specifically address the needs of the over-40 crowd. He also considered three factors in his decision to improve his health:

  • Establish the “why.” Scott needed a good reason that would be a continuing source of motivation. His “why” was to be in a better position to address inevitable age-related challenges.
  • Determine the “what.” What are you willing to give up in time and resources to commit to a change in your exercise routine? Recognizing those sacrifices helped Scott better focus on his exercise plan.
  • Utilize expert resources. Scott didn’t want to overdo it and injure himself. He also didn’t want to become bored and quit. The balance, instruction and safety of the fitness programs provided him with variety and encouragement to continue.