Kidney Transplants: Know the Facts Infographic

Transplant Infographic 2013How often do we hear numbers associated with a concept so incredible we can hardly fully comprehend the weight of what those numbers truly mean?

Numbers like 103,000 people waiting for a kidney; 1,219 days to wait for a kidney; 840 transplant surgeries.

Each one of these numbers, and those shown in the infographic below, is more than just a number; it’s a reminder that a person is waiting for a chance at a normal life again. Each number represents a person patiently waiting for the phone call that they have a match, or a family wanting to enjoy life with their loved one again, or a mother or father needing to be actively present for their child. Memorial Medical Center Transplant Services makes that difference in the lives of these people every year.

As you read through these numbers, remember that these numbers represent real life–people who are patiently waiting, generous donors who so unselfishly give life to another, and talented surgeons who can restore quality of life.


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Transplant Infographic 2013