Lose Body Fat and Keep it Off

The weight is off, and you have reached your goal. Celebrate and be proud of your success! But resist the urge to fall back into old habits—now is the time to focus on maintenance by continuing the healthy choices and changes you have made to your diet and physical activity.

“Once you have reached your weight-loss goal, it’s important to continue healthy behaviors,” said Cheri Harrison, MS, LCPC, mental health specialist at Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. “Relapsing into old habits is a real temptation. What’s important is to learn from your experience and continue to focus on maintaining your weight loss.”

Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center offers these ways to maintain your weight loss:

  1. Set new goals. Once you reach your weight-loss goal, focus on setting new goals not related to weight. Try a new fitness activity, learn a hobby and challenge yourself.
  2. Continue to track. Monitor your body measurements, exercise activity, energy level, blood pressure, blood sugar and even feedback from others. Some may like the accountability of food tracking while others prefer more flexibility—do what works best for you.
  3. Support others. Helping others with their journey reminds you of the progress you have made and why you started your journey in the first place.
  4. Share your progress. Whether it is a private journal or a public blog, document your progress. Writing it down helps you reflect on your successes and recognize opportunities to continue to grow.

“Maintaining weight loss is a combination of focusing on your nutrition, physical health, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits,” said Cheri. “Knowing your specific goals in these areas will help you concentrate on long-term success. Remember you don’t have to go alone—connect with your support network including your dietitian and other members of your wellness team.”

Ready to make a change?

Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center offers telehealth options and can help you get started on a journey to better health. Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center is offering virtual cooking classes. If interested in participating, please contact them at 217-788-3948 or email memorialweightlossandwellness@mhsil.com.

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