Memorial Child Care: Continuing a Legacy of Quality Care for Children and Families

Memorial Child Care, preschool, preK graduation,

Memorial Child Care may have a brand-new building with lots of cool extras, but it’s the people inside who teach and care for the children who make the biggest impression.

Brianne Schramm, director of perioperative nursing at Springfield Memorial Hospital, enrolled both her children at MCC, starting at 12 weeks old. She watched her kids graduate from bottles to food, from crawling to walking, from cribs to cots and from the “little kid” playground to the “big kid” playground. Eventually they walked in a preschool graduation ceremony. She’s grateful for every moment.

“The quality of care provided is beyond exceptional,” Brianne said. “Both of my children are young for their age with late June and mid-July birthdays, but they both excel academically at school. Their final year in preschool provided weekly curriculums with well thought-out subjects, experiments and problem-solving.”

Laura Fiorito, a clinical pharmacist, attended MCC for the first five years of her own life in the early 1990s. She still fondly remembers some of the staff who cared for her. Both of her own children entered MCC as 12-week-olds. Her oldest heads to kindergarten this fall, while her youngest will start preschool.

Memorial Child Care, preschool, preK graduation,

“The frequent real-time updates and constant open communication have always reassured me that my kids are happy, healthy and thriving at MCC,” she said. “The early hours and close proximity to my job have alleviated some worries and been very convenient for my family. It’s easy to run over for special events or to check on my kiddos without major interruptions to my workday.”

Those special events include the always popular Halloween parade, which is a favorite memory of Doug Eades as he recalls his daughters’ time there. The kids dress up in their favorite costumes and show off for the parents and grandparents. His kids are now 15 and 18, but he still appreciates the jumpstart they received ahead of kindergarten.

“The patience of the staff is remarkable,” the electrician said. “It was comforting to me to know my girls were well-cared for while I was at work.”

Today, the staff and children at Memorial Child Care enjoy the new facility with spacious classrooms, innovative features and expanded outdoor play areas. There is also a need for new teachers to continue the center’s positive legacy. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, visit