Try Mindful Movement to Refresh Mind and Body

Brief mid-winter breaks from brutally cold weather conditions provide a perfect opportunity to head outside and practice mindful movement. What exactly is mindful movement? It is when you take the opportunity to check in with your body and move in a way that helps lower stress, release stagnant energy and strengthen your mind-body connection.

Mindful movement can be as simple as going for a walk outdoors or practicing yoga. Instead of working out furiously to burn calories, beat the guy on the treadmill next to you or improve personal records, focus on your breathing while completing a rep, mile or movement.

Mindful movement encourages you to focus on the present moment rather than specific exercise goals. If your mind wanders back to the stress of the day, change your focus back to your breathing and your body’s movements. Stay in the present.

Types of mindful movements include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • A walking meditation
  • Stretching and yoga

Reference: Mindful Movement: Getting Started with Mindful Movement