Music Does the Heart Good

Senior Man With HeadphonesWith Valentine’s Day approaching, romantic music may do more than just warm your heart – new research shows listening to music you like may improve your heart’s health.  

According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, music alone will not cure or prevent heart disease but it can help people recover from cardiac surgery, relieve stress and perhaps slightly lower blood pressure. For those who do not currently have heart problems, music has been shown to lower blood pressure and ease stress.

When people listen to their favorite music, the endothelial (lining) function of the blood vessels is improved, reducing the risk for heart disease. Combining music with an exercise routine offers maximum benefits to cardiovascular health, the European Society of Cardiology reports.

“Music is universal and can be used to express of a variety of emotions,” said Wendi Spitzig, MSW, a licensed clinical social worker at Memorial Medical Center. “You can choose music that fits your mood, and you can even choose music that may improve it.” 

So this Valentine’s Day, in addition to hearts, candy and flowers, pick out some of your favorite music and listen to it often. It will do your heart good.

And while listening to music may not treat or prevent heart disease, a lifestyle that includes maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will. Memorial has the resources you need to lead a heart -healthy life. Click here to learn more.