Non-Alcoholic Drink Options for Moms-to-Be

nonalcolohic drink optionRinging in the New Year often means responsibly enjoying a few adult beverages. Expecting mothers don’t have to feel left out—it just takes a little creativity to incorporate some healthy, alcohol-free options into your party planning.

“It can be tough this time of year for soon-to-be moms to feel totally included, especially at New Year’s celebrations,” said Shari Hickey, nurse manager for Memorial Medical Center’s Family Maternity Suites. “When you’re planning a non-alcoholic option, just be sure to consider the amount of sugar in the mixers. This is especially important if the pregnant woman has gestational diabetes.”

Here are a few suggestions for creating a festive non-alcoholic beverage:

  • Juices are great mixers but are loaded with sugar. Consider using half juice and half sparkling water.
  • Speaking of sparkling water, it comes in all flavors. Look for varieties low in calories. Many are even calorie-free.
  • Fresh tomato juice with a dash of Worcestershire, hot sauce and lime perfectly mimics a Bloody Mary without the alcohol.
  • Break out the blender. Combine fresh fruit, sparkling water and ice and serve in a fancy glass for a frothy, fun faux margarita or daiquiri.

Having a tropical themed party, or just want to feel like you’re at the beach? Try this fruit-packed drink:

    Coconut Cloud (Makes four servings)

  • 7 ounces creamed coconut
  • 9 ounces water
  • 4 ripe bananas
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Lemonade to taste
  • Stir together creamed coconut and water. Using a blender, puree bananas and lemon juice. Add to the coconut mixture and fill glass ¾ full. Top glass with lemonade and enjoy!