Patient Grateful for Eye-Opening ED Experience

Christy White, 41, assumed the Emergency Department (ED) at Springfield Memorial Hospital would be packed when she was admitted on an August Saturday afternoon. But when ambulance after ambulance pulled up to drop patients off outside her room, she was astonished at the sheer numbers and how the ED team worked together to provide care.

That weekend was particularly slammed because of a COVID-19 surge due to the Delta variant. Despite the numbers, Christy felt well cared for.

“It was jaw-dropping honestly to see the number of people coming in,” she said. “You hear about COVID-19. We knew it was bad, but until you sit there and see it non-stop, it’s hard to fully understand how hard they are working. The word ‘hero’ doesn’t even cover it.”

Twelve days earlier, Christy had undergone a successful surgical procedure. But when she started bleeding on Friday night, she spoke with a nurse through telehealth who advised her to monitor the situation. When the bleeding hadn’t subsided on Saturday morning, her primary care doctor sent her to the Springfield Memorial Hospital ED.

There she received a CT scan which showed a ruptured abscess at the surgical site. Due to a temporary bed shortage, Christy waited in a suture room located near the ambulance bay and observed the patience and professionalism of the ED staff during non-stop patient arrivals.

“The whole team – from the person who drew blood to the techs to the nurses to the ED docs – they were each very thorough and patient,” she said. “They made me feel like I was the only one there. And I work in education. I can tell when people aren’t genuinely caring.”

Christy spent two nights in the hospital and praises the care she received on the surgical floor as well. There she had a newly graduated nurse caring for her who was being mentored by a veteran RN. The longtime special education teacher at Grant Middle School loved seeing the coaching in action.

“The rapport they had was great to see,” she said. “I’m all about the importance of learning!”.