Peace of Mind for Seniors and their Families

Caring for an aging parent or other loved one can be overwhelming – managing medications, keeping track of appointments and making sure they’re safe in their home.

Memorial Care Navigation is a service offered by Memorial Health System to provide peace of mind to seniors and their families with advocacy and support. Services are adaptable to the client’s unique needs, including making home visits or attending doctor’s appointments.

“Medical care becomes more complex with age,” said Joan Naumovich, BSN, RN. “Expert advice can help seniors and their loved ones navigate those challenges.”

Naumovich and her colleague Rita Bruntjen, MSW, LSW, a social worker, use their expertise to help seniors find solutions to live independently in their homes or determine whether it’s time to consider assisted living or skilled nursing care.

Memorial Care Navigation services are available on a self-pay basis and include:

  • Assessment of the client’s living situation, health and safety, taking into account the wishes and goals of the patient and his or her family
  • Assistance in transitioning care to another setting, such as an assisted living facility
    Monitoring the client’s well-being through home visits
  • Advocacy during doctors’ visits, emergency care and hospital stays
  • Coordination with the client’s family to ensure he or she receives the best care possible

“It can sometimes be difficult for seniors to remember and understand all the instructions they receive during a doctor’s visit, particularly when it comes to medications,” Naumovich said. “By attending visits with our clients, we can ensure they get the best care possible.”

She and Bruntjen can also help clients and their loved ones navigate a move to assisted living or skilled nursing care.

“Decisions about transitions in care can be incredibly emotional for seniors and their families,” Bruntjen said. “It can help to have someone mediate those discussions in an impartial way.”

Their goal is to increase quality of life for seniors – and decrease worry for their families.

“Our hope is to alleviate that stress and help seniors feel confident in their living environment,” Bruntjen said.