Santa: Avoiding the Gift of Holiday Pounds

Before I load up my sleigh and get my reindeer ready for their international flight on Christmas Eve, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you grown-up boys and girls.

Like many of the rest of you, I’ve put on a couple extra pounds during the last few millennia. I enjoy lots of sugary treats around the workshop, and the cookies left out for me when I make my rounds don’t help.

But I’ve decided it’s time to get rid of my bowl full of jelly, so I’ve been visiting the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. The dietitians are all on my nice list this year, because they helped me better manage my diet.

Maybe their tips will help you, too:

    • During the long night of travel with Rudolph and his gang, I take along some hummus and carrots for a snack. It’s a healthy break from all those cookies. Carrots aren’t just good for reindeer!
    • Speaking of cookies, I’ve stopped eating all of those cookies at every single house. Instead, I take them with me and share them with the elves over the next few weeks. If someone is awake when I arrive and insists I eat their cookies, I say, “Thank you, but I have so many stops to make I can’t possibly eat them now. I’ll take them with me for later. You are really good at making cookies.”
    • I park on the far end of the rooftop now and walk to the chimney. It helps me get my exercise. When I’m in a neighborhood with fewer chimneys, I park at the end of the block and walk from house to house. It racks up the steps on my Fitbit!
    • If I ever feel tempted to have a cookie, I opt for a peppermint or cinnamon mint to help until the craving subsides. Keeps my breath fresh, too, so I’m ready when Mrs. Claus hangs out under the mistletoe.
    • I ditched my fur suit. It made me look too fluffy which was bad for morale. I treated myself to a tailored red suit. It makes me feel much better about myself, and I feel more motivated to succeed.
    • Finally, I’ve eased up on the candy. It’s OK to have a treat now and then, but I don’t keep a lot of it around the workshop to tempt me. I say it’s for “visitors,” but who am I kidding? I set it out for me! I’m more likely to eat mindlessly when the goodies are in plain sight.