Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

This is a time of great uncertainty for everyone, but particularly for those who work in healthcare. It’s absolutely normal to feel stressed and anxious as you work to protect your communities from COVID-19.

However, it’s important to take care of your mental well-being just as you care for your physical health. Here are some tips from the World Health Organization to help you manage your stress and care for yourself during this time:

  • Make sure your basic needs are met. This means making time to rest between shifts or in quiet moments at work, eating a healthy diet and exercising.
  • Choose healthy coping strategies. Over time, tobacco, alcohol or drugs can make our mental and physical well-being worse.
  • Consider what’s worked for you in the past. For most of us, this situation is unprecedented. However, all of us have been in stressful situations before. Use the strategies that have worked for you in those situations to manage your stress today.
  • Keep in touch. Social distancing means that you may be separated from beloved family and friends. But don’t lose touch – give them a call or use video chat to reach out. This will lift your spirits, and theirs as well.