Sweet Dreams: Maintenance Tips to Keep Your CPAP/Bilevel Unit Clean and Germ Free

That breathing machine that promotes peaceful rest in the bedroom? Don’t forget to clean it! A clean, germ-free machine is important to your overall health and the longevity of the CPAP/Bilevel unit.

See the following tips to efficiently clean your unit.

  • Blower Unit: wipe unit with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent as needed. Allow unit to dry before plugging it in.
  • Mask/Nasal Pillows: wash with mild, soapy water (like Ivory) once weekly. Rinse well. Never clean the mask with alcohol.
  • Headgear/Chin Strap: hand wash in a standard dish detergent and air dry once weekly. Do not use bleach, and do not dry in a dryer or iron the headgear or chin strap.
  • Tubing: wash in mild, soapy water once weekly then rinse and hang dry.
  • Humidifier (cool and heated): wash humidifier chamber in mild, soapy water once weekly. Rinse well. Use distilled water in unit. Replace water daily.
  • Filters: check the air filter and replace it at least every six months. Replace it more often if there are holes or blockages caused by dirt or dust. Remember the air filter is not washable.

Another cleansing option instead of mild, soapy water is the new Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizing device for the CPAP unit components. (It does not clean your CPAP device.) Portable, travel-friendly and simple to use, this device is compatible with all supplies and kills more than 99% of bacteria that can grow on your CPAP attachments.

For more information, visit memorial.health/homemedicalsupply or call 217-788-4663.