Taylorville Memorial Hospital Swing Bed Program Important Part of Patient Recovery

Deborah Schmitt, 69, was visiting family in Missouri when she broke her femur (thigh bone).

“When it was time for discharge, the orthopedic surgeon was trying to find me a program to transition to,” said the Taylorville native. “I told him I wasn’t sure what my local hospital had but I wanted to try them first. We hit the jackpot with Taylorville Memorial Hospital (TMH)!”

The program at TMH allows patients to transfer with confidence from full hospital care to “Swing Bed” care that prepares the patient to return home. While not familiar with the Swing Bed program, Deborah appreciated the customized approach of the TMH therapy team.

“Their goal is physical and occupational therapy,” she said. “They assessed how I was doing and what I could handle. From top to the bottom, the staff was kind and treated me with respect. They welcomed me like a family member. On my walks, they were like a pep squad! Every person knows their job, and they were all a part of my comeback.”

Patients who receive Swing Bed care work with a therapy team to become as independent as possible before being discharged from the hospital. Therapy works with the patient on daily tasks like bathing, dressing and safely moving around the home. The patient and care team work together to determine individual goals and length of stay.

“We are so lucky to have a place like TMH in our town, in our county,” added Deborah. “Until you’ve been here, you don’t really know or appreciate what we’ve got.”

For more information about the TMH Swing Bed program, call 217-707-5673.

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