Turn the Corner Swing Bed Program Returns Wreatha to Active Lifestyle

Only an extended Springfield hospital stay during last year’s holiday season kept Wreatha Riva out of the lazy river at the Taylorville YMCA.

But thanks to two weeks at the Turn the Corner Swing Bed Program at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, the 90-year-old from Kincaid is back to her 5 a.m. workouts, walking 1-2 miles against the current with her friends.

“I needed to get my strength back after being down,” she said. “It was so clean and nice, and everyone was good to you. They made me do everything – didn’t leave a stone unturned. Plus, they made the best chili I ever ate in my life!”

Rebecca Davis, PTA, and Deanna Kurlakowsky, COTA, were just two of the therapists who worked Wreatha right back to home. She did band exercises on her arms and legs to help regain muscle strength. She picked up and folded towels as part of balance exercises. She walked from the third floor to the first floor TMH Gift shop daily.

In a department’s kitchen environment, she baked chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen and washed up the dirty dishes afterward.

Wreatha’s daughter, Vickie Henley, 60, of Springfield, says her family is a strong supporter of the TMH program.

“We knew mom was still weak and needed a little more therapy,” Vickie said. “Everyone has been exceptional. They treat everyone as if it was their own family member. The rooms are nice sized and comfortable with chairs for visitors–very welcoming. Just a seamless transition for our family and for her from Memorial Medical Center in Springfield to TMH.”

Wreatha has two more outpatient therapy sessions left. This spring, she plans to resume all of her everyday activities, which include trips into Taylorville to run errands (in her snazzy ruby red Ford Fusion) and Skyping with her sister, Leatha, during Cardinals games. She also travels on the senior bus for some of their day trips.

“When I got home, I didn’t have any problems,” Wreatha said. “I stayed the first night by myself and it felt good to sleep in my own bed.”

The TMH Turn the Corner Swing Bed program offers the following:

  • Private rooms
  • RNs
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Physicians on-site 24/7
  • On-site hospital resources including radiology, lab services and pharmacy

For more information, call 217-824-1130 or visit Taylorvillememorial.org/Services/Swing-Bed-Program