Working Toward Independence – Tim’s Story of Success

Tim McDougall and Jennifer Schneider

Tim McDougall and Jennifer Schneider

Tim McDougall is inspiring others to gain independence with his can-do attitude and the support of Logan-Mason Rehabilitation Center (LMRC), a program of the Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois.

Tim has received services from LMRC for more than 26 years, and over time, has become independent by participating in programs such as developmental training, supported employment programs and home-based supports. Tim lived in an LMRC Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) home for 13 years. When he was ready to live independently, staff helped him find an apartment of his own and helped again later when he decided he wanted to rent a house. Tim has also been happily employed at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital for the last 17 years.

“I’ve known Tim since he was 11 years old. Over the years, Logan-Mason Rehabilitation Center case management services have helped his family with chores, budgeting, and other routine living activities,” said Jennifer Schneider, supervisor of Community Support Services. “He now lives in his own house with the help of a personal support worker.  He set up tutoring at Heartland Community College for reading and speech on his own. When Tim sets his mind to something, he sticks to it.”

Tim also volunteers and has become a leader in his community. He is a regular fixture at Lincoln Community High School sporting events where he provides water for the football team and runs the flag at basketball games.

Tim’s enthusiasm for being involved is felt throughout the community, which is why he was selected as Lincoln Citizen of the Year last December.

“We are so proud of Tim and the positive example he sets for others. He has worked hard to become as independent as possible,” said Peggy Ross-Jones, administrator at LMRC. “We are thankful for Lincoln-area residents and businesses that donate, employ and help our clients in so many ways every day.”

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