Why Teenagers Can’t Get Together – Social Distance Tips for Parents

The irony is thick for today’s parents when it comes to cell phones during the current COVID-19 pandemic. With all school and extra activities canceled, our teens and middle schoolers are begging to get together in person to catch up and connect with one another.

But in the age of social distancing, those cell phones are an important tool. Here are some other tips to keep the nagging at a minimum.

Create a routine:

Let them sleep in but not all day. Give them meaningful chores to do – dishes, laundry, meal prep, garbage, surface disinfection.

Send them outdoors:

Rake leaves, pick up sticks, bring the mail in, walk the dog. Ride a bicycle. Throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball.

Encourage phone interaction:

Your kids now have time for actual phone conversations or Facetime interactions. Free time is abundant so encourage them to move away from text and Snapchatting and spend actual time talking with one another.

Just say no.

Don’t be afraid to be the difficult parent in the group and say no to get-togethers. Each of us – at any age – is at risk. You cannot overestimate the importance of social distancing at this point in the pandemic.

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