Busting the Top 3 Myths about Weight Loss

Man-getting-on-scalesWhen it comes to weight management and obesity, the internet is a grab bag of conflicting information, all touting itself as accurate. Luckily, Memorial Bariatric Services, part of the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, has the facts in an area riddled with fiction.

Myth: If I’m not losing weight, it’s because I’m not working hard enough.

Fact: Weight loss will vary from person to person.

“Every person is different. What may be successful for one may not work for another,” said Nicole Florence, MD, a physician with Memorial Physician Services who also is part of the Weight Loss & Wellness Center’s medical team. “It’s really important to assess your unique needs in order to find your own path to great health.”

Because of these specific individual needs, Dr. Florence recommends a customized plan rather than a one-size-fits-all set of rules often found in fad diets.

Myth: If I’m dieting and exercising and still overweight, there’s no hope for me.

Fact: There is always hope!

For some people, weight loss is as easy as cutting out soda or cutting back on carbs. It may not be that simple for all of us, so Dr. Florience urges those struggling to seek out a team approach for a multidisciplinary plan.

“Weight loss and maintenance can be very complex,” Dr. Florence said. “Working with a team can help evaluate whatever barriers may be preventing your success.”

Myth: If I’m obese, my only weight-loss option is surgery.

Fact: There are many options available.

Surgery is a viable option for some, but not for all. For those who choose a nonsurgical path, Dr. Florence again suggests a team approach to help them overcome many barriers to losing weight and provide a number of treatment options, as well as the support necessary to make the major life changes associated with this kind of weight loss.