Cardiac Rehab Makes a Difference for Local Taylorville Man

cardiac rehab

Roger Hickman survived a heart attack and dutifully attended 36 sessions of Phase II cardiac rehab – just like his doctor ordered. Since completing Phase II, he went on to Phase III, and his exercise routine through cardiac rehab has become something he eagerly anticipates each week.

Cardiac rehab is for patients who have experienced certain types of cardiovascular events and require supervised exercise as part of their recovery.

“Our patients come in and walk on the treadmill or do other activities, and we check their heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm,” said Michele Kilduff, RN, with Taylorville Memorial Hospital cardiac rehab. “If there are any issues, we are in contact with their primary doctor or their cardiologists. What we always tell our patients is that exercise is the one thing that positively impacts every risk factor of heart disease.”

After Roger completed Phase II of cardiac rehab, he returned to a normal routine. When he started experiencing chest pain and discomfort, he went through testing, and his doctor recommended he return to cardiac rehab. Since he had completed Phase II, the Phase III option was available to him.

“After returning, I decided I needed to exercise on a more regular basis,” Roger said. “It’s something I enjoy so much. I look forward to it every day, and on Sunday, I start looking forward to going on Monday. Almost everyone I’ve seen come through cardiac rehab – and I’ve seen hundreds – have understood how much it helps.”

Michele has enjoyed Roger’s regular attendance at cardiac rehab and seeing his progress over hundreds of weeks, “He’s a fun patient, and it has been nice to see him continue as long as he has.”

Roger continues to attend regularly and appreciates the well-maintained equipment. “Exercise is something that will help you live longer,” Roger said. “As long as I enjoy life, I want to continue living!”