COVID-19 Can Spread Easily in Gyms: Check Out These 7 Exercise Tips to Keep You Safe

Gym and fitness facilities in Illinois were closed for months, but they are now open for indoor use with restrictions. While you may be excited to hit the gym again, it is important to continue take precautions says Memorial Health System chief medical officer Raj Govindaiah, MD.

“You should not only ensure that your gym is following precautions, but you also need to continue to practice social distancing and take actions to prevent the spread of the virus while exercising near others,” says Dr. Govindaiah, “You can also continue to take advantage of getting physical fitness at home and outdoors.”

Here are some ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 when exercising:

  1. If you are sick, stay home. You should also avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  2. Practice social distancing. Maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and others.
  3. Clean your hands frequently. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  4. Use clean equipment. Use your own equipment when possible or ensure shared equipment is sanitized between uses.
  5. Cover your mouth and nose. Wearing a mask may not be possible or safe during high-intensity workouts, which is why social distancing is important and taking your exercise regimen outdoors may be a better option.
  6. Participate in virtual workouts. You can still exercise at home safely, and you should if you have underlying health conditions that put you at risk. Many gyms post daily workouts or are offering classes via live or pre-recorded video to help you to keep your fitness going while at home.
  7. Exercise outdoors. You can walk, bike outdoors or participate in group fitness activities while maintaining social distance.

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