COVID-19 Community Spread at All-Time High for Asymptomatic

Going out for dinner with friends? Enjoy your evening but know your risk and plan accordingly. Right now, 1 in 6 people in our area have COVID-19 with no symptoms.

That means if your restaurant choice has 50 patrons, approximately eight have COVID-19. Eight people out enjoying their dinner with no idea they are contagious to those around them. This compares to 1 in 40 people during the 2021 summer surge and 1 in 16 people during the 2020 fall surge.

What does that mean from a practical perspective?  Social distance, wear a mask at all times in public, and most importantly, schedule that booster vaccine or your initial vaccinations if you are unvaccinated.

*Data provided from Lance Millburg, system administrator for Memorial Health Quality and Performance Improvement.

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