Is it a Meme or Science? Use Reliable Internet Sources for COVID-19 News

How reliable is the latest viral post? Just because it shows up on your feed a dozen times in the last 24 hours doesn’t make it accurate. As the Delta variant targets the unvaccinated and patient admissions overcrowd healthcare facilities, sensational headlines capture the public’s attention.

Couple that with guidance being updated sometimes daily because of new scientific data and emerging trends, it has become even more important to follow accurate and reliable online information sources.

“Always visit trusted online resources for healthcare-related updates to avoid misinformation on the internet,” said Cathy Strukely, system director for communications and marketing for Memorial Health System. “We recognize people are anxious, and there is an avalanche of information out there. It can feel overwhelming so try to focus on trusted healthcare sources.”

Consider visiting these websites – listed in order from local to global – for the latest developments surrounding the pandemic: