COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects—Here’s What We Know

COVID-19 vaccination protects you from getting sick from the virus that causes COVID-19. Like other vaccines, you may experience some side effects after vaccination—these are normal signs that your body is building protection. In some cases, side effects may impact your ability to carry out daily activities, but usually they’ll subside in a few days.

Common Side Effects

The most common side effect of COVID-19 vaccination is pain and swelling in the arm in which you received the vaccine. You may also experience fever, chills, tiredness and headache. To reduce pain or discomfort, you can apply a cool, clean washcloth over the arm. Be sure to move your arm frequently to reduce stiffness.

When to Call Your Doctor

Speak with your doctor if your side effects worsen, do not subside after a few days, if you are in need of fever-reducing medication or have other questions about COVID-19 side effects.

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