‘Depression Can Impact Anyone’

Whitney wasn’t feeling like herself and wasn’t sure what was wrong. Everything in her life became hard. She was constantly tired and lost motivation to do things she used to love, like singing, painting and spending time with friends.

As time went on, things got drastically worse, and she became suicidal. Whitney decided she needed professional help, and checked in to Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Whitney was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder; she was transferred to the Memorial Partial Hospitalization Program which provides structured, intensive therapy for individuals after they leave the hospital.

“Memorial’s Partial Hospitalization Program literally saved my life. It showed me that depression doesn’t have a face. Depression can impact anyone,” Whitney said. “Everyone came from different backgrounds and walks of life, but despite that, we were all suffering from the same thing.”

While attending the program, Whitney met Lois McConomy, a counselor at Memorial Behavioral Health—Counseling Associates.

“Lois gave me tough love, but she also encouraged me at the same time,” Whitney said. “Lois helped me change the way I feel about and view myself.”

Lois, also enjoyed working with Whitney.

“Whitney has a tremendous amount of courage to evaluate and address her concerns. She did so through active participation in the Partial Hospitalization Program and by implementing the skills she was learning,” Lois said.


Whitney, a Memorial Health System employee, continues to see Lois bi-weekly. She receives support to do so from the Memorial Employee Assistance Program.

“Memorial’s Employee Assistance Program has made going to counseling so much easier,” Whitney said.

Whitney continues to focus on her recovery by attending counseling, taking medication and practicing self-care–including writing and making music. She even created a video that described what it was like fighting depression.

“You can’t fix yourself if you don’t make changes and get the help you need,” Whitney said.