Fast Action Outside ALMH Emergency Department Saves Man’s Life

Lincoln’s Roger Marten, 70, had just returned home from a Saturday breakfast with family when he felt sick to his stomach, like he was catching the stomach flu. When the left side of his face started to hurt, he told his wife Carolyn he needed help.

With Carolyn at the wheel, they made it within a few minutes of Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital (ALMH) when Roger took one big gasp and passed out. His bride of 50 years didn’t waste any time. She sped into the ambulance bay and pounded on the doors.

That’s when Jennifer Rogers, RN, and charge nurse for ALMH sprang into action. She went out to the Marten’s car, checked for Roger’s pulse, and then immediately began CPR in the car. Her quick actions likely saved his life.

“He was having a heart attack,” Jennifer said. “The great thing about ALMH is that we could get his heart stabilized here and then quickly transfer him to the Cath Lab at Memorial Medical Center (MMC).”

Roger spent several days at MMC before heading back home to Lincoln. He started cardiac rehab and continued to be monitored. He is grateful for the ALMH Emergency Department, which he considers a godsend for the community.

“They saved my life,” he said. “The care at ALMH was perfection. The two hospitalists were saints, called me at home to check to see if I needed anything and if there was anything they could do for me. Fantastic care all the way around – even the young techs who came in and cleaned the room. None better.”

Today, Roger looks forward to returning to part-time work as an inspector for Ameren. He has a small engine shop in his garage where he fixes lawn mowers so he’s gearing up for a busy spring. He and his wife also enjoy six grandkids and six great-grandkids. Carolyn watches the two youngest “greats” during the day, and the 2-year-old is never far from Grandpa’s side especially when Roger is working out in the garage.

“My family and I are so grateful to the team at ALMH and Memorial in Springfield,” he said. “It’s unbelievable what they did.”

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