Five Simple Self-Care Tips to Live By

Feeling stressed about all the changes taking place right now? You aren’t alone.

“Just about the time we figured out how to take care of ourselves within the tight restrictions of a pandemic, the environment is changing yet again,” said Tisha Bayless, LCPC, manager at Memorial Behavioral Health. “Many of us face busier schedules as children return to in-person school and adults to the office or work site. Activities are ramping up. And it all feels so unfamiliar and often stressful. Paying attention to self-care is especially important right now.”

Self-care isn’t complicated.

  1. Sleep. Sleep is a vital part of wellness. Aim for seven or more hours of sleep per night, and wind down before bed without screens.
  2. Seek out physical activity. Take time to stand, go for a short walk, take your lunch outside. Give your brain a break and your body a boost.
  3. Eat nutritious food. Avoid skipping meals. Eat regularly, drink water and plan for a variety of nutritious options during your day.
  4. Take time to smell the coffee or the roses. Enjoy a hobby, sit down to read, pull out that craft project, call a friend for lunch or a walk. Be intentional about making time to do something you enjoy every day.
  5. Know yourself. Don’t be afraid to set limits. Recognize your stresses and sensitivities. Knowing your triggers can help you to avoid or mitigate reactions.

“Self-care is more of a mindset than a super strict to-do list,” said Bayless. “It can be simple activities that are scattered throughout your day. If you are facing prolonged stress that is affecting your sense of well-being, consider speaking with a counselor for help.”

Need to talk? 

Memorial Behavioral Health (MBH) provides telehealth and phone appointments with their patients. In addition, MBH has established a free and confidential emotional support hotline, available at 217-588-5509 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., to provide support to individuals who are experiencing anxiety or stress, even if they are not MBH patients.

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