How to Improve Your Results Before Surgery

Rambach-05Before receiving knee replacement surgery, Libby Rambach took advantage of Memorial Medical Center’s patient optimization program to improve her outcomes.

“Everything was tailored to what I wanted to do and what my outcomes were,” she explained in the video below.

The goal of Memorial’s patient optimization program is to improve a patient’s strength so they can recover faster after surgery, said Gabriel Stinson, sports enhancement specialist with Memorial’s SportsCare, who worked with Libby.

Most patients entering the program are nervous and don’t know what to expect, Stinson said. They’re often in a great deal of pain.

Stinson reassures his patients that his goal is to make them stronger. To reach that goal, they’ll begin with easy exercises and keep their level of discomfort at a manageable level.

Libby said Stinson was encouraging and helped motivate her.

“He understood that things had been difficult for me to do on my own,” she said. “He would take me just a little bit beyond what I’d been capable of doing before.”

To learn more about Memorial’s Patient Optimization program, call 866-205-7915 or 217-788-3948.