Infusion Patient Sings Praises of Outpatient Team at Taylorville Memorial Hospital

After a double transplant (liver and kidney) for a rare disease, Tracy Mahan, 60, required medication infusions three times weekly. The state court reporter feared multiple needle sticks each week, but the outpatient team at Taylorville Memorial Hospital (TMH) relieved her concerns.

She went in for regular medication infusions from August 2020 through March 2021.

“From the very first day, I was welcomed kindly and treated like a friend,” Tracy said. “By the end of my first month, I felt comfortable, like a ‘regular.’ I know they were busy, but I always felt like I was their top concern.”

Everyone from the door greeters to the receptionist to the nurses and techs made sure Tracy’s infusion appointments went smoothly. She looked forward to seeing everyone, especially two of her ‘regular’ nurses who made sure medications were ready, the room was comfortable and who often checked in with her.

At first, Tracy dreaded the thought of having to drive to St. Louis three times a week for the infusions. When her doctor suggested TMH outpatient care, she was thrilled with the convenience and accessibility of quality healthcare right in her own backyard.

“Outpatient services in our area are high tech and just as good as the big cities,” she said. “The fact that our little town has such a great medical facility is a blessing to us and the surrounding communities. I trust TMH with my life!”

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