Local COVID-19 Therapy Available for Outpatient Treatment

Memorial Health System offers monoclonal antibody treatment to help patients who have mild-to-moderate COVID-19.

“This therapy is ideal for anyone with mild or moderate COVID-19 symptoms. It is beneficial for individuals who are high-risk secondary to a medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, lung disease or are over 65 without a health condition,” says Anna Richie, MD, medical director of the respiratory clinic. “It’s not a cure, but it does appear to slow progression and worsening of the disease.”

The infusion therapy is accessible under an emergency use authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 patients over 18 years of age with the goal of preventing disease progression, especially among high-risk individuals. The treatment for COVID-19 is available locally on an outpatient basis at Memorial’s Respiratory Clinic on South Sixth in Springfield and also at the ExpressCare on North Water in Decatur.

Memorial Health System has infused more than 200 patients as of Dec. 29, 2020, and seeks to raise awareness of this available treatment. Outcomes have been positive with no serious adverse reactions.

The treatment is available by referral from a physician or if you are a patient of the respiratory clinic. Rapid testing availability has increased the opportunity to use this treatment locally.

“For the best outcome, this treatment needs to be given soon to prevent disease progression, but it is time sensitive,” said Richie. “It’s important to be tested early if you have symptoms of COVID-19 in order to have access to treatments and prevent hospitalization.”

When COVID-19 progresses to hospitalization, patients often need supplemental oxygen, and in some cases, a ventilator.

Treatment Process

For more information, please call 217-588-5154 or email ExpressCareInfusion@mhsil.com. Experiencing symptoms of COVID-19? ExpressCare Telehealth providers can order tests for COVID-19, strep, flu and RSV. Skip the wait time and visit ExpressCare Telehealth.

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