Longtime Lincoln Teacher Turned ALMH Volunteer Celebrates 99th Birthday

For 31 years, Ruth Kapik dedicated her life to teaching elementary school in Lincoln. As an educator, Kapik developed a passion for helping those in her community. After retirement, she searched for another way to fill that void.

“When I retired from teaching, I said I was going to do one year at home,” Kapik said. “A few months later, the head of volunteers at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital (ALMH) suggested I might be interested in the Pink Shutter if I wanted some volunteer work.”

The Pink Shutter Thrift Shop offers quality clothing, housewares and décor in historic downtown Lincoln. All proceeds support the ALMH Auxiliary. Forty-one years ago, Kapik walked through the doors of the Pink Shutter, and she’s volunteered there ever since. She’s also served on the ALMH Foundation Board and the ALMH Board of Directors.

As for what’s kept Kapik coming back all these years … she says it’s the challenge. It’s never felt like a job – she loves the work and the people. During her decades of service, Kapik has seen the hospital relocate, colleagues come and go and leadership change; she’s even celebrated some milestones of her own.

“It’s very gratifying I can get up and come here on Mondays … that I still drive here,” Kapik said. “I just celebrated my 99th birthday, and it was quite a birthday. Many things I can’t do anymore, but there are a lot of things I can do, so I’m happy about the things I can do.”

As she faces the century mark, Kapic is also grateful to have ALMH nearby. She feels fortunate that Lincoln offers a hospital with access to specialists and quality care.

“That is a great comfort not only to me but the people in Lincoln,” she said. “I can’t think of a better community organization than the hospital. It is gratifying to be a part of the hospital family.”

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