Manage Pain Through Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Pain – intense or nagging – impacts the ability to participate in daily activities and can even affect your emotional state.

Whether you are one of the 11% of adults who experiences daily pain or if you have experienced an injury, consider physical therapy and rehabilitation to help you manage pain or recover from an injury.

Physical therapy is used to prevent physical disabilities and to evaluate and rehabilitate those who experience pain, disease or injury. Here are some benefits of physical therapy:

  • Helps manage chronic pain. Regular physical therapy can significantly reduce reliance on pain medications and reduce bouts of extreme pain that could result in an emergency room visit.
  • Useful for many injuries or conditions. Some common injuries like sprains, strains or tears can be treated with physical therapy in addition to conditions like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Treatments can meet patient needs. Care plans that include physical therapy routines, exercises and treatment options are specific to the needs of each patient and address specific range of motion and mobility.
  • Long-term resource to address needs. If you experience pain caused by repetitive use or former injuries, physical therapy can help you to recognize when an injury may occur, learn how to avoid it, and strengthen other muscle groups to stay pain-free and mobile.

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Memorial Health System has outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services throughout central Illinois:

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