A Memorable Gift for a 60th Birthday

Angie Griffin

Angie Griffin

Not many people look back on knee replacement surgery with fond memories, but Angie Griffin is unique. On April 8, 2013, she turned 60 and was gifted with a new knee joint at Taylorville Memorial Hospital (TMH). Before she was wheeled into surgery, the surgical team brought her a birthday cake with candles, gave her a tiara to wear over her surgical head covering and sang “Happy Birthday.”

In May of 2015, Angie was back at TMH for surgery on her other knee.

“I’d do it again tomorrow if I had to,” Angie said. “I can take the stairs like a normal person, walk around the mall or grocery store, work in the yard, sit on the floor. Life is good!”

Angie struggled with intense pain in her knees for several years prior to surgery. She received injections, tried reconstructive surgery and went to therapy to no avail. The pain was constant, and her mobility decreased to the point where she couldn’t go up and down stairs or even walk comfortably.

She met with her surgeon who explained the process of knee replacement surgery and gave her exercises to complete at home prior to surgery. She took a four-hour class led by Maggie Rice, RN, and JointWorks educator, who answered questions and explained what to expect at home following surgery and the outpatient rehabilitation process.

The best part? Angie had surgery in Taylorville, close to home and her support network of friends and family. After a two-night stay at TMH, she was monitored at home by Memorial Home Services and then started outpatient therapy two to three times a week back at the hospital.

“Angie had the drive needed to comply with the expectations from a total knee replacement,” Maggie said. “I believe it was both her determination to succeed as well as her trust in the staff that helped her accomplish her goals.”

Within a month, Angie was back working two jobs. She’s worked for Taylorville Township the past 28 years. She has also staffed the Taylorville YMCA front desk part-time for 21 years, helping with the Teen Center, birthday parties and various family programming.

Angie’s also a busy grandma who enjoys spending time with her three grandkids, working in her yard, baking apple pies, canning and cooking. She didn’t want to be sidelined from her life because of bad knees, and she couldn’t be happier with the results of her surgeries.

“I could not ask for better service,” Angie said. “The people at the hospital were excellent. They are so kind—I could go on for days. They really do treat you like a queen at TMH!”