Memorial Foundations Support Breast Cancer Patients

Fighting breast cancer requires strength, patience and support from family, friends and your medical team. At Memorial, our hospital foundations also step up to support patients.

“This past fiscal year, we provided patients with wigs, breast forms, breast prostheses, bras, a swim form, arm sleeves, compression vests and even meals,” said Melissa Hansen Schmadeke, executive director of the Memorial Medical Center Foundation. “Our general cancer patient assistance fund also provided grocery and gas cards as well as help with payment of household bills.”

The Passavant Area Hospital Foundation was able to purchase a “SmartCurve” breast stabilization unit thanks to a generous donation from the Mia Ware Foundation in Jacksonville. The SmartCurve technology is an attachment with electronics that connects to the 3D mammography tomosynthesis machine.

“This unit helps reduce the discomfort women feel, which was a great addition to mammography at PAH,” said Pam Martin, executive director of the PAH Foundation. “The design adaptation changes the flat surface of the paddle to a cylinder shape which better conforms to the breast. The re-designed paddle shape keeps discomfort to a minimum, and patient fear of pain is decreased as a result.”

Both Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation and Decatur Memorial Hospital Foundation support women proactively by providing free mammograms for those in need on Mammogram Mondays in October.

Since 2011, the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation has taken a similar approach and provided free mammograms for those in their area without insurance through the CUPS program. This year, 17 women received free mammograms through nearly $4,000 of assistance.

“The Foundation understands the importance of early detection for women who battle breast cancer,” said Raedena Ryan, executive director of the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation. “The CUPS fund makes it possible for women who otherwise couldn’t afford a mammogram to receive information that could shape their health journey.”

Want to help others as they fight breast cancer? Consider support of the following foundations:

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation
Decatur Memorial Foundation
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Passavant Area Hospital Foundation
Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation