Robotic Hernia Repair: Minimally Invasive Solution to Hernia Surgery

hernia, hernia repair, Dr. Torabi

For people dealing with the discomfort of a hernia, modern technology makes the surgical solution an easier decision.

“Smaller incisions, faster procedures and shorter recovery times are just a few of the benefits of robotic hernia repair,” said Mohammad Torabi, MD, an expert in robotic-assisted surgery with Memorial Specialty Care. “The robotic instruments offer precision and dexterity of motion, which helps decrease the potential for complications.”

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 5 million people in the United States suffer from hernias annually. Surprisingly, only 15 percent schedule medical treatment to address the hernia.

“Too many people think hernia surgery is painful and involves a prolonged recovery,” Dr. Torabi said. “Today’s technology is truly a game-changer for people who suffer from the pain of a hernia. Unfortunately, hernias don’t just go away on their own. You need a surgical resolution.”