Wear a Mask for Maximum Protection

Masks are here to stay for a while. Even with increased vaccinations, new variants of COVID-19 have been identified in the United States, and there is no strong evidence that vaccination prevents people from spreading the virus to others.

Best bet to stay healthy? Mask usage, social distance and frequent handwashing remain important tools in the fight against COVID-19.

When it comes to wearing a mask, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend two things for people to remember:

  • Make sure your mask fits snugly against your face. Gaps can let air with respiratory droplets leak in and out around the edges of the mask.
  • Pick a mask with layers to keep your respiratory droplets in and others’ out. A mask with layers will stop more respiratory droplets getting inside your mask or escaping from your mask if you are sick.

Other tips: choose a mask with a nose wire you can use to fit mask closer to your face. Do not double up on disposable or KN95 masks. However, you can add layers of material like a disposable mask underneath a cloth mask. Most importantly, make sure your mask fits snugly over your nose, mouth and chin.

Click here for additional CDC vaccination information and guidelines.

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