Eat Healthy for Your Heart’s Sake

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Did you know heart disease affects 1 in every 20 American adults and is a leading cause of death in this country?

Eating a healthy diet helps keep your heart in tip-top shape by lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight. Choose foods low in saturated fat, low in sodium and high in fiber.

Headed to the grocery store? Take along these food shopping tips from Memorial Wellness Center’s registered dietitians to help you make heart healthy food choices.

  • At the grocery store, shop the outer aisles of the store. Try to buy mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat foods packed with protein and whole grains. Limit purchases of foods high in sodium and saturated fats.
  • All proteins are not made alike. Pick proteins low in fat and sodium. In the meat aisle, choose lean cuts of red meat and pork labeled “loin” or “round.”  Choose poultry products without skin.
  • Consider protein from plant-based foods such as nuts, seeds, peas, beans and soy products. Many nuts and seeds also help lower cholesterol.
  • When cooking, avoid adding fat or oil to the meal. Bake or boil foods instead of frying. Trim visible fat from meats and skin from chicken.
  • Aim for two servings of salmon, tuna, mackerel and/or sardines each week to add heart-healthy fats.
  • Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains to help lower cholesterol.
  • Choose snacks that combine heart-healthy fats from nuts and seeds with fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains, such as carrot sticks and peanut butter or a no-sugar-added granola.