Family Nurse Practitioner Shares Personal Decision Process Regarding Vaccination

Family nurse practitioner Gina White, DNP, had concerns when the COVID-19 vaccine was released under Emergency Authorization. But when evidence showed the Delta variant was targeting children and sparking rapid respiratory decline, she and her husband made the decision to get vaccinated.

“We decided to vaccinate ourselves to protect those who are unable to vaccinate,” said the manager at Memorial Physician Services. “Children and babies are too young to receive the vaccine and depend on others to help save their lives. Being a parent, I cannot imagine my child struggling to breathe, especially if it is something that is preventable.”

While Gina recognizes the importance of being vaccinated, she also understands why people exhibit reservations regarding the vaccine. She spent several months researching the history, advantages and potential side effects of the vaccine versus the virus. She grew more and more alarmed this summer when the Delta variant targeted younger and younger populations and sickened unvaccinated people at a high rate.

“I am asking those who have not been vaccinated to reevaluate their reasons why,” she said. “Please just give consideration to all of the children who will be attending school this fall and who are too young to be given a choice.”

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