Volunteering Gives Purpose to “Good as Gold” Community Award Winner


The numbers are staggering. Longtime Memorial Health volunteer Jody Wallace has donated more than 10,500 hours over nearly 39 years, which led to her recently being named one of 24 local Good as Gold Community Award winners.

“These awards honor people who give their time and talents to make Sangamon County a better place to live,” said Ginny Evans, director of hospitality with patient experience for Springfield Memorial Hospital. “Jody is known for the way she is able to connect with patients. She’s been there herself after dealing with various health challenges. Giving back to patients who are receiving inpatient rehab and therapy support brings her joy and fulfillment.”

After a serious car accident where she suffered a traumatic brain injury, Jody struggled with “Why me?” questions. Once she recognized how her ability to connect with patients was a positive influence for them, she discovered the answer to her question.

“I have volunteered in many different departments, and each one has helped me as much as I helped them,” Jody said. “Now I’m volunteering in the rehab department. Being there has made me realize after all the hard times I’ve had, from a traumatic brain injury to a stroke, that rehab is where I found my purpose – to give others hope and never give up! I am a perfect example that therapy works.”

This past year alone, Jody has volunteered 306 hours with no plans to retire.

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